Phase I Environmental Site Assessment (ESA)

The Phase I Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) is the key tool for managing environmental liability associated with commercial real estate transactions.  While companies battle to provide discounted pricing for Phase I services Insight Environmental refuses to sacrifice quality. (more…)

Underground Storage Tank (UST) Closure

Since October 1988 all Underground Storage Tanks (USTs) in the state of Hawai’i should be registered with the state and operated in accordance with state regulations.  When USTs go out of service specific steps are required by the state for closure. (more…)

Hazardous Building Material Surveys and Management

Whether in our workplace in our home many of us are surrounded by lead paint and asbestos-containing materials without knowing it.  When these materials are in good condition and undisturbed they may not pose a human health hazard.  But once disturbed exposure can be significant.  Property owners who are unaware of the presence of hazardous building materials in their property take the risk of accidental exposure from intentional or accidental disturbance.


Phase II Environmental Site Assessment (ESA)

A Phase II Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) is a useful tool in determining if contamination of concern is present on a piece of property.  Phase II ESAs are most appropriately conducted as a response to a Phase I ESA that identified a recognized environmental condition (REC), or in response to a specific environmental concern associated with a piece of property. (more…)

Waste Characterization

Whether its from an industrial process, new construction, or a renovation, projects often generate wastes that need to be evaluated to determine what regulatory requirements apply and how the waste can be disposed.  (more…)

Indoor Air Quality

Poor indoor air quality can present itself as respiratory sickness (cold and flu), headache, and fatigue.  There are numerous causes of poor indoor air quality and a determination of the presence of an indoor air quality issue as well as its cause requires a thorough review of the building and air handling systems. (more…)

Mold Assessments

Mold is everywhere in the warm moist subtropical Hawaiian environment.  But when moisture and temperature are out of balance in a building system mold overgrowth can occur.  The results of this overgrowth can range from an aesthetic or nuisance problem, to the cause of minor allergy symptoms, to serious health risks. (more…)


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Yap Landfill Remediation Project fieldwork completed

In late March of this year, Evan Pfaff, of Insight Environmental returned from Yap, Federated States of Micronesia where he had been since early January. 

New Website

In June 2012, Insight Environmental launched its new and improved website.  The new website provides existing and potential clients withe additional information on the services provided by Insight. The new website has a more professional look and improved navigation.  It also has a contact form which allows clients to send an email.

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