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Insight Environmental LLC is an environmental studies and consulting firm providing services throughout Hawai’i and the Pacific.

Hilo UST Removal

Insight Environmental assisted a Hilo resident with the removal of two USTs.  The USTs  were last used in the 1970s as part of auto repair business that leased the land form the property owner.  The tanks had long been forgotten until a collector of dispenser pumps stopped by the property to inquire about what he believed were abandoned dispenser pumps.  The property owner, now aware that there may be USTs on the property, contacted Insight Environmental for support in choosing the correct path to address the presence of the USTs.  Insight recommended removal of the abandoned tanks in order to proactively address or prevent any release that may have occurred as well as increase the value of the property by addressing liability associated with the presence of the tanks.

Insight provided the required government agency notifications, assisted in the cleaning of the tanks, collected the required soil samples, and documented the removal in a closure report.

Hazardous Building Material Survey

Insight Environmental conducted a hazardous building material survey of a rental car company facility at the Kona International Airport as part of a planned renovation of the facility.  The report was used by the architect to design the removal of hazardous materials prior to commencing the remainder of the renovation activities.

Yap Landfill Remediation

Between January and March, 2012, Insight Environmental, under subcontract to Myounghee Noh & Associates, L.L.C. (MNA), provided Project Management and support services in the completion of the USCG Yap Landfill Remediation Project. (more…)

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Yap Landfill Remediation Project fieldwork completed

In late March of this year, Evan Pfaff, of Insight Environmental returned from Yap, Federated States of Micronesia where he had been since early January. 

New Website

In June 2012, Insight Environmental launched its new and improved website.  The new website provides existing and potential clients withe additional information on the services provided by Insight. The new website has a more professional look and improved navigation.  It also has a contact form which allows clients to send an email.

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