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Yap Landfill Remediation

Between January and March, 2012, Insight Environmental, under subcontract to Myounghee Noh & Associates, L.L.C. (MNA), provided Project Management and support services in the completion of the USCG Yap Landfill Remediation Project.Field activities for this project began in the winter 2010, however a particularly wet La Nina winter coupled with an expanding project scope prevent the project form being completed in one field season.

Returning in January 2012 with MNA staff, Insight was able to support the project through completion of fieldwork.  The total volume of excavated material exceeded the project estimated 1,200 cubic yards and included two additional Excavation Areas not previously identified.

The 2012 field season removed over 800 electrical components, assumed to contain PCBs, from the landfill.  Contaminated soil and electrical components were packaged for shipping in accordance with international maritime and US DOT requirements.  Wastes were transported to the United States for disposal in a TSCA approved landfill.


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Yap Landfill Remediation Project fieldwork completed

In late March of this year, Evan Pfaff, of Insight Environmental returned from Yap, Federated States of Micronesia where he had been since early January. 

New Website

In June 2012, Insight Environmental launched its new and improved website.  The new website provides existing and potential clients withe additional information on the services provided by Insight. The new website has a more professional look and improved navigation.  It also has a contact form which allows clients to send an email.

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